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"Secrets to Succesfully Accessorizing with Jewelry"

-How to perfectly accent your bridal look with jewels.

After the gown, jewelry is the most important accessory on a bride’s body on her wedding day. Brides need to remember that their jewelry will be in every photo and finish her ensemble on her special day. It is the complement to the gown, elevating and completing the entire wedding-day look.

After gathering information on your wedding-day look, it’s obvious that your jewelry is one of the most important accessories on your wedding day. Leave yourself time to search for the right piece. Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to look like on your wedding day and that the jewelry you’re choosing reflects this. It’s nice to take risks with your style, but remember these are the pictures you’ll be looking at for years to come! You want to look like yourself – just a very special version of you....



Opening photogallery by: Patrizia Sonderegger Tomassini Photography

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